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Web and mobile technology, new standards and free readers have changed how people expect to consume data. They want to get the data out of the applications that they use, and view that data from the application throughout the product lifecycle. HOOPS Publish can make it possible.

Extend the reach of your engineering data with HOOPS Publish:
  • Interoperability and Archiving – Publish to industry standard formats
  • Visualization and Collaboration – View 3D models in a browser or in Adobe® Reader
  • Interactive 3D PDF Documents – Create smart reports, work instructions, TDPs and more
HOOPS Publish enables your application to publish 3D data in a number of different ways, including as native 3D PDF, HTML and also in a variety of standard CAD formats.

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Why HOOPS Publish?
HOOPS Publish enables solutions for almost any workflow. It all starts with importing 3D models and engineering data in industry standard formats into HOOPS Publish. You can also bring in process information and presentation information, such as templates. Then use HOOPS Publish to enable your application to publish data across the entire product development process.

Three common workflows are:

  • Publish a rich 3D model in several standard formats, including STEP, JT and 3MF for additive manufacturing workflows.
  • Publish HTML or PDF so that anyone can view and interact with the model – with no need for a proprietary viewer or CAD system.
  • Generate interactive 3D PDFs with HOOPS native 3D PDF technology–incredibly valuable documents that can support any workflow.

HOOPS Publish is uniquely based on native Adobe® technologies and is the only software toolkit that offers access to the native 3D read and write technology used within Adobe Reader®. The 3D PDF format is an open, data-rich and secure solution for sharing and archiving 3D data. By integrating HOOPS Publish in your own application, you can simply generate 3D PDF documents that can be read by the vast majority of the world's desktops.

How can HOOPS Publish benefit you?
  • Reads a range of standard-format 3D data files
  • Publishes of rich 3D PDF documents
  • Offers a range of purpose-built 3D PDF templates
  • Provides access to native PDF libraries, with no need for extra licensing
  • Enables interaction with 3D data within the 3D PDF document

HOOPS Publish provides a publishing API built on top of the native PDF libraries from Adobe® with no extra licensing. Software development teams can easily add simple or complex document output capabilities into existing applications. Developers can read source 3D data from a range of industry-standard formats including PDF, IGES, STEP, SAT, XT, IFC, PRC U3D and VRML. They can publish the data to a 3D PDF file in either U3D format or Adobe’s preferred PRC format. Developers can also publish in standardized CAD formats including STEP AP 242, JT 9.5, IGES, 3MF, STL as well as HTML to create a 3D web viewer.

The advantage of PRC is that it provides a highly accurate and highly compressed format for describing 3D CAD models including Assembly Structure, B-Rep, Geometry and product manufacturing information (PMI). 3D PDF has been accepted for ISO (International Standardization Organization) publication and is rapidly gaining momentum, particularly in the defense and aerospace industries. Using HOOPS Publish, developers can:  

    • Read source 3D data from industry-standard formats including PDF, IGES, STEP, SAT, XT, IFC, PRC U3D and VRML
    • Publish 3D PDF file in either U3D format or Adobe’s preferred PRC format, a robust neutral file format embraced by the standards community for 3D engineering
    • Publish CAD formats including STEP AP 242, JT 9.5, IGES, 3MF and STL
    • Publish HTML
    • Provide full access to the assembly tree, B-Rep, PMI and tessellations using PRC
    • Include PDF templates to create more advanced, interactive 3D PDFs including pre-defined objects populated with user-defined data
    • Contain customized elements such as title, logo, 3D window position, page type, page orientation and paper color
    • Generate new custom templates for clients through Adobe Acrobat Pro
    • Support rich content such as text, images, tables, buttons and 3D annotations
    • Integrate seamlessly with HOOPS Exchange to easily turn CAD data into 3D PDFs.
    • Include poster generation for the 3D window to ensure all 3D PDF documents have an equivalent 2D representation
    • Support JavaScript in the PDF document to build unique interaction elements
    • Generate 3D animations using JavaScript
    • Incorporate true Adobe Acrobat password security for document protection
    • Embed native CAD, documents, spreadsheets and other files to PDF documents as attachments
    • Access and read the 3D data within an existing 3D PDF file

Read Formats

Format extension Version Tessellation B-rep PMI
PDF All versions
PRC All versions
Universal 3D ECMA-363 (1st, 2nd & 3rd editions)
VRML V1.0 and V2.0
IGES All versions
STEP AP 242 All versions
SAT All versions
XT All versions
IFC All versions
Need more read formats? Add HOOPS Exchange to import over 20 CAD file formats including Catia, Creo, NX, SOLIDWORKS, SolidEdge and Inventor.

Write Formats

Format extension Tessellation B-rep PMI
Universal 3D
JT 9.5
= supported
= this concept is not supported by this format

Using HOOPS Publish together with source PDF template files, an almost limitless range of 3D PDF documents can be created. Below are a few examples showing different approaches to delivering rich 3D information for the design and manufacturing process.

Important: Please save these documents first, and then open with Adobe Reader, click on "trust this documents" to view the 3D content. Click on the viewports to activate the 3D content.  

Pump Assembly

Example: Technical Data Package


Example: Manufacturing Part with Multiple Views


Example: Hammer Drill with Bill of Materials and View Carousel


Example: Engine Washer Replacement with Assembly Animation


Enabling your Applications with 3D PDF - Recorded Webinar

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