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Design Robust, Compelling 3D Web Applications

The explosion of cloud computing and advances in browser-based technology are transforming markets and creating incredible business opportunities. To gain advantage, smart companies are leveraging component technologies to jumpstart their efforts and launch high quality products faster than rivals. Rapid development may keep you in the game, but it’s performance, scalability, and a superior 3D user experience that help you win.

Users expect applications to process and load complex and extremely large data quickly into a 3D environment with superior engineering graphics that are purpose-built for the web. And those same users need the ability to publish 3D data out of your application for consumption elsewhere. Anything less than optimal performance makes you vulnerable to a competitor who can do it better.

The HOOPS Web Platform unlocks the power of proven 3D technologies for web application development, providing accurate and fast access to 3D data, powerful, advanced 3D web visualization and 3D data publishing capabilities.

capability matrix hoops native platform

Web Services

Capabilities Hoops Web Platform  Hoops Native Platform
Hooks (callbacks) for custom data loading
Load Balancing
Browser Customization
Hybrid Server/Browser rendering
Data compression for fast streaming


Capabilities Hoops Web Platform  Hoops Native Platform
Large Model Handling
Fully -leveraged 3D GPU acceleration
Visualization of Information with Context
Visualization of Multiple CAD Formats
High quality transparency
Selection and highlighting
High quality hardcopy
Advanced multi-plane sectioning and sectioning with endcaps
Streaming from a hosted cloud environment
Advanced clash detection for BIM, MEP
Mobile development and display optimizations

3D CAD Data Access

Capabilities Hoops Web Platform Hoops Native Platform
Read access to 23 file formats
Write access to 9 file formats
Significantly reduced load times for even the largest models
Comprehensive access to all available model data: Tesselations, B-Rep, topology and geometry, full product structure, PMI and metadata
Massive Assembly processing, monolothically or in shattered mode
Fast point to line and point to surface calculations
Robust integration with popular geometric modelers
Manage shattered assemblies in a cloud environment

3D PDF Publishing

Capabilities Hoops Web Platform Hoops Native Platform
100%  Adobe Reader and Acrobat – compatible 3D PDF Publishing
Advanced layout, interactive 3D objects, fully accurate B-Rep, critical metadata, Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)
Support for MBE workflows with ISO-Standard PRC file format
3D data interaction within the 3D PDF document
Simple or complex 3D PDF output
Reading of source data from industry-standard PDF, PRC, U3D and VRML
Support of rich content such as text, images, tables, Bill of Materials, View Carousel, buttons and 3D geometry (annotations)
File security with password protection built into Acrobat Pro to ensure product data is only viewable by intended recipients
Permission settings that give users control over recipient viewing, sectioning, measuring, markup and export
Advanced, interactive 3D PDF generation with PDF templates, including pre-defined objects populated with user-defined data
Unique interactive elements through JavaScript support
An API for 3D animation
Native CAD documents, spreadsheets and other files embed to PDF docs as attachments
Compute-intensive 3D PDF generation from the Cloud

1) Which HOOPS Software Development Kits (SDKs) are included in the HOOPS Web Platform?
The HOOPS Web Platform helps you develop powerful, engaging web-based 3D engineering applications. It is an integrated solution that includes:

  • HOOPS Exchange – The fastest, most accurate and complete data access toolkit
  • HOOPS Communicator – The simple, powerful toolkit for advanced 3D web visualization
  • HOOPS Publish – The 3D data publishing toolkit for native 3D PDF, HTML and standard CAD formats

2) What if I just need one or two of the elements of functionality of the platform: visualization, data access or 3D publishing?
Each individual HOOPS toolkit product – HOOPS Exchange, HOOPS Visualize, HOOPS Communicator and HOOPS Publish – are available for individual licensing. However, the nature of the platform licensing is to make it most cost effective to move to the platform licensing as soon as there is a need for the capabilities of more than one of the platform component technologies.

3) How can I determine which of the HOOPS offerings are best for me?
To help developers choose the right set of tools, you can talk with a member of our Consulting Engineering team, as well as compare your requirements to the capability matrix.

4) Is HOOPS Native Platform the only way to get access to HOOPS Visualize for mobile technology?
In addition to being part of the HOOPS Native Platform, the HOOPS Visualize for mobile technology is available when you license the HOOPS Platform or HOOPS Visualize as an individual product.

5) I see your product set includes Parasolid and Polygonica. Do these modeling kernels plug into any of the platforms?
We offer quite a few integrations with these leading kernels for solid and mesh-based modeling, and both are available for licensing from Tech Soft 3D as stand-alone offerings.

Currently the HOOPS Native Platform and HOOPS Platform offer integrations with both Parasolid and Polygonica. The HOOPS Web Platform will support both integrations in a future release.

Certain individual HOOPS components are also integrated with these kernels:

  • Tech Soft 3D’s HOOPS Exchange data exchange toolkit is also sold by Siemens PLM Software and their Parasolid component is tightly integrated with HOOPS Exchange. This integration helps developers enhance data re-use by providing easy access to a broad range of CAD formats. Tech Soft 3D has worked closely with Siemens PLM Software to deliver an integrated product that helps developers leverage the full breadth of Parasolid functionality, even when working with imported data.
  • HOOPS Visualize is integrated with both Parasolid and Polygonica on the desktop.

6) How are the HOOPS Native, HOOPS Web and HOOPS Platforms licensed?
Software developers pay a quarterly “Partnership Fee” that provides access to all relevant technologies, ongoing enhancements and dedicated engineer-to-engineer support. A “shared-success” revenue-sharing model is also available, which is shaped to fit your unique business model. A Tech Soft 3D Partner Development Manager will be happy to discuss your situation and provide an answer for your specific usage.

7) How can I learn more?
The best way to start is with a conversation with members of our Partner and Consulting Engineering teams. Once we understand your requirements, we will gladly arrange a trial version and provide engineering support as you build a prototype. To learn more, email info@techsoft3d.com.

HOOPS Web Platform is available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS

HOOPS Web Platform is available in the following deployment environments:

  • Google Chrome® (desktop & mobile)
  • Firefox (desktop & mobile)
  • Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (desktop & mobile)
  • Safari® (desktop & mobile)

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