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The world of engineering graphics today is stunning and vibrant, and tremendously complex when creating applications for the web. And every year new web technologies result in better performance and increased complexity. HOOPS Communicator solves these challenges with a simple, powerful toolkit for advanced 3D web visualization. It’s a robust, purpose-built graphics kernel for developing engineering applications for the web:
  • Scalable, modular architecture
  • Instant viewing
  • Intelligent streaming
  • On demand
  • Massive model viewing
  • Server-side rendering
In addition, high-level APIs allow users to connect 3D data to vital business intelligence and customize branding, user interface and look and feel. Whether you are creating a web-based service or deploying a custom solution for use inside your corporate firewall, if your team can write HTML code, you will be able to add 3D in a matter of hours.

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Catia Part with PMI

Turbo Jet

Inventor Mechanical Assembly

V12 Engine

V12 Creo Assembly

Apt Building

IFC Building

Streaming HOOPS Communicator provides intelligent and highly optimized streaming of CAD data to the browser. Streaming allows users to quickly interact with massive models, made up of hundreds of thousands of parts – a crucial time-saver when working with large and complex data sets. Scalability A set of intuitive server tools allow you to author and edit custom 3D data, dynamically combine 3D objects from multiple sources, and load and unload data on demand. The scalable server architecture simplifies session management and allows for a large number of viewing sessions, distributed over many servers. Rich, Multi-Environment Visualization Create solutions that unlock the value of 3D assets in web browsers. The feature-rich web viewer runs as a zero-client application in modern browsers on desktop and mobile. Additionally, server-side rendering is seamlessly integrated into the viewer and allows for viewing of complex models even on low-end devices. Customization Create intuitive workflows by linking each object in the 3D model with critical information such as part number, vendor, price and inventory availability. Further improve the viewing experience by authoring your own data, modifying the look-and-feel and functionality with a rich API designed around customization or licensing the HOOPS Platform to create advanced server-side workflows, native mobile applications and rich 3D PDFs. HOOPS Web Platform Upgrade to the HOOPS Web Platform and add the full functionality of both HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish to HOOPS Communicator.

    • HOOPS Exchange delivers access to over 20 CAD file formats through a single interface. Reuse a broad range of data including BREP, PMI, model tree, views, persistent IDs, styles, construction geometry, visualization and more without depending on any CAD system.
    • HOOPS Publish enables your application to publish 3D data in a number of different ways, including as native 3D PDF, HTML and also in a variety of standard CAD formats.

Typical HOOPS Communicator Workflow communicator-block-diagram

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