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3D CAD Data Access

HOOPS Exchange software development kit (SDK) delivers access to over 20 CAD file formats through a single interface. Reuse a broad range of data including BREP, PMI, model tree, views, persistent IDs, styles, construction geometry, visualization and more without depending on any CAD system.

Parasolid users, you're in luck. HOOPS Exchange is the solution for CAD data access. Click on the Parasolid tab above to learn more or watch the video.

We benchmarked the competition and built a significantly faster and more reliable SDK. HOOPS Exchange is the premier solution for engineering data reuse.

HOOPS Exchange enables broad CAD file read and write capability without any dependency on proprietary CAD systems and without having to develop all the file-reading technology in-house.

How can HOOPS Exchange benefit you?

  • Gain access to multiple CAD formats in a single integration.
  • Ensure your application always has access to the latest format versions.
  • Simplify your support and maintenance issues with a single interface for all CAD importing.
  • Focus your resources on your core application strengths.
  • Reduce development risk by using established and proven technology.
  • Provide world-class translation under an attractive business model.
  • Develop using libraries with a long-standing reputation for excellence.
  • Leverage the expertise of a highly respected team of translation experts.
Develop smarter and faster with a powerful SDK:

  • Access to all major proprietary and generic CAD and 3D formats
  • All formats available in a single toolkit from one trusted supplier
  • One simple, consistent interface for all supported formats
  • Extremely fast conversion times
  • Massive assembly processing monolithically or in shattered mode
  • Support for exporting to standard file formats including IGES, STEP, JT 9.5, 3MF and Parasolid
  • Continual updates with new formats and versions to ensure your application is current
  • Extensive modeler-specific geometry cleanup and healing to prepare the data for downstream use
  • Independence from other third-party technology or external libraries
  • Supports 32- and 64-bit versions for both Windows and Linux platforms, as well as macOS
  • Supports mobile operating systems Android and iOS
Integrate with other SDKs:

  • Compatibility with HOOPS Publish to produce lightweight, precise 3D PDF files
  • Integrate with HOOPS Visualize for rich visualization on desktop and mobile applications
  • Connect to HOOPS Communicator for web visualization in browsers
  • Integrates extremely well with Parasolid with high quality healing, repair and fast performance
By incorporating HOOPS Exchange into an application, software development teams can readily offer a robust and rich access to precise engineering information to satisfy even the most demanding technical requirements.

HOOPS Exchange provides all the integration controls a development team requires to easily build robust data-access into an application. It delivers a wide range of 3D data types in all major CAD and 3D formats via a rich set of APIs that provide ease of implementation as well as full control over the data delivered.

Provide your customers with the most comprehensive data access:

  • Tessellated data for easy and accurate visualization of 3D models
  • Precise B-Rep data for accuracy of modeling, measurement and archiving
  • All topology and geometry for solid, surface and wire frame models
  • Complete product structure including assemblies, sub-assemblies and parts
  • Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) in both visual and semantic forms
  • Metadata and common attributes including colors, persistent IDs and layers.
B-Rep Quality
  • B-Rep quality is unsurpassed
  • Adapts to specific modelers (Parasolid, ACIS, OCC, Rhino and more)
  • Collaborated with Siemens to define world-class bridge to Parasolid
Advanced Healing and Sewing
  • Advanced healing of both geometry and topology without a modeler
  • Fixes corrupt data
  • Improves topological issues: Orientation, tolerance and sew
  • Improves geometry: Self intersection, gaps and removes silver faces
  • Create closed solid from exploded models
Multiplatform Support
The only CAD translation SDK with multiplatform support
  • Windows 32/64, Linux 32/64 and Mac 64
  • Android and iOS*
  • *Supports import of STEP, JT, PRC, IGES, Parasolid, IFC and U3D
PMI Quality
  • PMI quality is best-in-class for all major CAD formats
  • CATIA: Projected Zone and Improvement link with geometry
  • Pro/E: Note // to screen
  • SOLIDWORKS: Semantic PMI
  • NX
#1 in Performance
  • Multi-process assembly load times – fastest in the industry
  • Copy-and-adapt-models: Surface / curve type and nurbs conversion – offset surfaces


HOOPS Exchange is the solution for Parasolid users.

Tech Soft 3D partnered with Siemens to optimize the integration of HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid.
Click here to watch the HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid integration webinar. Benefits of this partnership include:

  • Easy to use: Read CAD models into your active Parasolid session with a single API
  • No translation if source format is XT-based
  • Fast, high quality CAD import/export and extended CAD data access (PMI, GD&T, etc.)
  • Broad platform support: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Fast loading times now 3 to 4 times faster with new multi-core support
  • Post-processing and healing with Parasolid
  • Non-Parasolid data is massaged to adapt to the geometric model of Parasolid (with HOOPS Exchange, Parasolid and Bodyshop)
  • Fix geometric and topological inconsistencies
  • Stitch surfaces
  • Tighten gaps
  • Simplify surfaces as analytics
  • Propagate persistent IDs
Diagram illustrates HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid integration:


HOOPS Exchange gives you Read access to the following formats:

CAD Format Tessellation B-rep PMI
Autodesk Inventor®
Creo™ Parametric
Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)
Siemens PLM Software’s NX™
Solid Edge®
Stereo Lithography (STL)
Universal 3D
  = supported
  = this concept is not supported by this format
  = unsupported

HOOPS Exchange gives you Write access to the following formats:

CAD Format Tessellation B-rep PMI
Stereo Lithography (STL)
Universal 3D
  = supported
  = this concept is not supported by this format
  = unsupported

Webinar - HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid Integration

Download HOOPS Exchange Demo
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